Starcke Oy’s latest investment speeds up digitization of packages

Our latest investment – machinery worth € 0.5 million – is now fully operational. Together with our brand new production line the machinery enables us to check, encode and attach various RFID tags (UHF and NFC) during production.

The tags can be attached to security seals, pallet labels or regular labels using roll-to-roll technology. Thanks to our production methods, the tags can also be attached directly to packaging blanks or sheets.

RFID technology is a useful tool for managing warehouses and ensuring traceable products and deliveries. NFC tags are attached to packages and read with mobile devices. Consumers do not need any special application to read the tags. This offers the manufacturers great opportunities for organising various campaigns and collecting data which can then be used, for example, to analyze customer behaviour. Consumers can authenticate the products, get additional information, and send feedback directly to the manufacturer.

The latest investment improves our service selection and helps us in giving our customers a competitive edge internationally. The new technology is a great addition to our previous production methods and further increases the added value of our products.