Eye-catching, desirable and distinctive products

Our toolkit includes a selection of products and technologies which help us to enhance brand protection and create added value in line with your wishes and needs. With the right combination of products we can make sure that your brand stands out from the rest and gets the attention it deserves.



We all have seen holograms on banknotes and payment cards. Thanks to their distinctiveness, holograms have now made their way to packaging and printed products. As holograms are rather difficult to forge, they are often used to improve the security of products which are vulnerable to counterfeiting. When holograms are combined with security seals, the goods are considerably more tamper-evident. Starcke is one of the world’s oldest hologram businesses and offers a large variety of holograms for plethora of uses – also as small series.

Hot foil

Hot foil stamping is the process of applying metallic foil to printed materials. The metallic foil comes in many colours, with matte or gloss foil finish, and can be complemented with different hologram effects. Special metallic foils are also available. Adding microscopic details or shapes to the foil finish not only turns your product into an eye-catcher, but also makes it extremely hard to counterfeit.


Embossing, multi-level embossing and foli embossing

Embossing allows for creating strikingly detailed and complex patterns on paper. The pattern can be embossed, debossed or have multiple levels. Well implemented technique requires the correct paper quality, careful planning and true mastery of the technique. It goes without saying that a multi-level embossing handcrafted by a Finnish expert is also extremely difficult to copy and counterfeit.


RFID tags can be incorporated into the products. These tags enable remote reading of the identification code. Thanks to the RFID background system, the tags are a useful tool for tracing, authenticating and identifying products. The reading distance varies from touch-reading distance to 10 metres. NFC (Near Field Communication) tags can be read with smartphone applications. UHF applications offer great opportunities in logistics and storage. We pre-check, insert, encode and post-check all the RFID tags at our secure production facilities in Eura, Finland. The reading and background system is developed in cooperation with our partners.



Numbering, barcodes and 2D-codes help to make sure that the products and packages are unique and traceable and can be easily authenticated. All the codes are connected to a background system. By reading the code the brand owner gets detailed information on the movement of the product in the logistics chain. The same code can be used at the consumer level – in marketing, product information and after-sales. The reading and background systems are developed in cooperation with our partners. The codes and number sequences are printed with high-resolution inkjet printers. Print quality is always monitored with machine vision technology.


Laminating protects the printing surface from external factors, such as moisture and UV radiation. Traditionally laminating is done with clear and matte laminates, but also soft-touch laminates are available to create an eye-catching look. The maximum sheet size is 1040 x 720 mm and the maximum width of the laminate is 710 mm. We can also provide you with hologram laminates and other special laminates.