STARCKE is a Finnish company specialising in brand protection. Our special graphical effects together with our brand protection technologies guarantee that you – and your customers – can always be sure about the origin, authenticity and safety of your brand.

With our 30 years of experience, we are the leading specialists and pioneers in our field – both in Finland as well as internationally.


Products and services

STARCKE’s special graphical effects help in making the brand more distinctive, desirable and interactive and in increasing its informational value. Our brand protection technologies and services can effectively prevent and eliminate external and internal risks facing your brand. They also protect your products throughout the value chain – from designing through to manufacture and delivery to retailers and end users.


Customers and partners

STARCKE works both directly with its customers and as a subcontractor for design agencies, the graphic sector and the packaging industry. Our close collaboration with the leading experts and partners gives us a first-hand advantage to the latest trends in our field and in developing our expertise. The success of our customers equals our success: our expertise has been recognized with numerous domestic and international awards.


Certifiably safe

STARCKE is the right choice if you want to improve the desirability, authenticity and reliability of your brand. Our quality certificate covers our special graphical effects, the manufacture, attachment and delivery of hologram products, and our product coding services aiming at enhancing brand protection. STARCKE is a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) and the Finnish Anti-Counterfeiting Group (FACG). STARCKE’s services comply with the Nordic Ecolabel requirements for printed products.


How we think and operate

For us, STARCKE is more than just a company or a workplace: it is our life’s work and our input for a better world. We hope that the way we work reflects this passion and devotion.



We believe that consumers have the right to purchase authentic, safe and ethical products – just as companies have the right to manufacture them. STARCKE makes this possible.

We want to make the world a safe, ethical and fair place to live in.

We will improve the business of our customers and increase the desirability and value of their brands with our special graphical effects and brand protection solutions.



Our customers are the top notch in their fields. Because of that, they deserve only the best from us. There is no other option – after all, mediocrity is a common enemy of ours.

We love challenges and problems. Problems which the others have been unable to solve actually push us to bring the best out of us. This gives us a competitive edge.

Our customers have a freedom of choice. They choose us only if they are happy with our work. That is why we deal with every assignment with as much passion as if it was our very first one. Otherwise it might as well be our last one.