Brand-specific product packaging

Stand out and impress with your packaging

Often your product’s packaging is the first and most important thing that shapes consumers’ ideas about your product. We design and create product packaging together with you to take your brand to a whole new level. 

Creating strong, unique brand elements

The packaging is the most familiar and recognizable part of your product. It is also the most important and visible form of marketing – not only on shelves but also digitally. Every day, we encounter dozens or even hundreds of different brands, but only the ones that speak to us personally stick with us.

The more unique and fascinating your product packaging is, the stronger an imprint it leaves on customers, thus promoting your brand. Starcke uses insightful packaging design, high-quality finishing and impressive hologram solutions that beat the competition in turning customers’ heads.

A brand is often more valuable than any production machine or office space. Unless protected, a valuable and popular brand faces certain threats. Forgeries and even brand theft can damage a brand, especially as business goes international. Protecting your brand is an investment in its future. Starcke combines special seals, holograms, and other packaging elements into a digital protection under our proprietary StarckeGate® system.   

Our products

  • Labels and stickers
  • Packaging
  • Post-processing
  • Holograms
Impress with striking labels or smart stickers.
We manufacture packaging of all sizes, for brands of all sizes.

Reach new dimensions with smart packaging

Thanks to the StarckeGate® code added to the packaging, you can track the code scan locations from a map view, monitor consumer behaviour, target advertisements, and much more. Additionally, the code provides consumers information that cannot be fitted on the packaging itself. This way they can easily learn about how the product is made, its carbon footprint or instructions, for instance.

Other possible smart features include stickers, which change colour to indicate a change in the product’s temperature or its expiration date. Smart packaging also protects you against forgeries, as scanning the code with a phone camera reveals whether the product is genuine or a replica.

We are your partner from design to manufacturing

Starcke is much more than just a packaging manufacturer. We offer you our decades worth of experience and expertise, and are with you all the way during the packaging design process. We understand various purchase environments and processes, know the possibilities of product packaging, and manage the ways of protecting your product. Our job is a success only after your brand is too.