Protecting your brand

Protect your brand with StarckeGate®


Your brand is one of your company’s key assets, and it requires special attention. Our specialty is protection of brands against replicas and theft. Our proprietary StarckeGate® system protects your brand better than ever before.

Protect the heart of your business

A brand is often more valuable than any production machine or office space. Unless protected, a valuable and popular brand has specific threats. Forgeries and even brand theft can damage a brand, especially as business goes international. Protecting your brand is an investment in its future. Starcke combines special seals, holograms, and other packaging elements into a digital protection under our proprietary StarckeGate® system.   

Our products

  • EXTRASSURE® paper
  • special seals
  • holograms
  • insertion service

Protecting your brand with StarckeGate®

Starcke believes that consumers have a right to genuine, original and ethical products, and that companies deserve to have their products and brand protected from forgeries. That is why we have created the StarckeGate® system, which protects your brand better than ever before. With StarckeGate®, consumers can verify a product’s authenticity in just a few seconds by scanning the product’s QR code with their phone.

The StarckeGate® system allows you to track sold products in real time.
Consumers can scan the product code using a smart device and verify whether it’s real or fake.

Track products easier than ever before

Traceability allows you to track sold products’ location in real time and thus observe consumer behaviour. As for consumers and authorities, traceability provides information about e.g. a product’s origin, manufacturing process, responsibility and authenticity. Scanning a product’s QR code can be done easily with a smart phone camera. The code takes the user directly to the desired web page. Expanding a product’s additional information into a digital format is thus easier and handier than ever before.

The importance of being able to trace a product is increasing rapidly, as consumers demanding responsible business put growing pressure on companies to report their actions transparently. Starcke is an expert in traceability. We know our way around encouraging consumers to scan product codes.


EXTRASSURE® paper cannot be replicated

Our labels use EXTRASSURE® paper, which is impossible to replicate. The paper’s authenticity can easily be verified using UV light.

How StarckeGate® works

Our labels use EXTRASSURE® paper, which is impossible to replicate. The paper’s authenticity can easily be verified using UV light.

Labels are attached to the product.

Labels attached to products are scanned. This activates the QR code. Notification of its activation is automatically saved in the StarckeGate® system.

When a consumer scans a label’s QR code on their phone, they receive information about its authenticity, along with additional information. The time and location data for the scan are uploaded into the StarckeGate® service.

The brand’s owner can easily inspect the collected data in the StarckeGate® system. The StarckeGate® system features:

– Real-time map of code scan locations
– Product tracking
– Information about possible forgeries
– Scan data for individual products

Do you wish to protect your brand?

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