Privacy policy

How we process personal data

We are committed to protecting the processing of our shareholders’, employees’, customers’
suppliers’, and other affiliate groups’ personal data and process the data according to all proper
procedures and in accordance with applicable legislation.

Collected data

Collected personal data mainly includes data that you or your employee have given us for
conducting regular business activities. Personal data includes any data that can be used to identify
you, either directly or indirectly.

Additionally, personal data can be gathered from your data queries, logging into our events or other
contacts with our representatives. In some cases, publicly available information, such as search
engines or media, can be used to collect personal data.

The collected data is specified in detail in our privacy policies. The most common forms of data are:
your name, address, country of residence, title and corporate affiliations.

Data processing

Your personal data is collected mainly for business operations with you or your company, and to
fulfil legal obligations.

Only persons authorized by Starcke plc have access to your personal data. Starcke plc may share
your data with service providers or other suppliers based on appropriate agreements.
Data may be transferred based on authorized legal request.

Personal rights

You have the right to know about the personal data we have collected about you and to amend
incorrect data. In some cases, you may protest our right to process your personal data. You may ask
us to limit the processing of your personal data or to remove personal data collected about you.

If the way we process your personal data is not acceptable and compliant with legislation, you have
the right to notify about the matter to the Finnish Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman:

You can request more information by emailing us at: