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Transferring packaging design and production to Starcke ensured quality


Kultakeskus began its cooperation with Starcke on the design and production of product packaging when the company transferred its production of spoon cases from China to Finland in search of high-quality and flexible cooperation. All other packaging came soon after.   

According to Ilkka Ruohola, Chairman of the Board at Kultakeskus plc, the company had pressing reasons to transfer their packaging production to Finland.

– The Chinese supplier had long delivery times and quality issues. These affected our own business and brand, making a transfer to Finland reasonable already for operational reasons.

The transfer also had to do with the company’s values

– We also wanted our spoon case to be fully recyclable and consistent with our image; it had to signify Finnishness, quality, and sustainable development. For these reasons, we are also planning to transfer our other packaging production into Finland, says Ruohola.  

Starcke charmed Kultakeskus with its skill and insight, and won the tender to design and produce the company’s product packaging. – Starcke’s offices are close to us and they work flexibly and quickly. Starcke’s team was already familiar to us, meaning we had a dialogue going. I appreciate how with Starcke, everything works as expected.

Kultakeskus’ spoon cases exude Finnishness and quality.
The packaging is made of a material that is easy to recycle.

Cooperation with Stacker covers all bases

According to Ruohola, cooperation with Starcke has been fruitful for Kultakeskus.

– We have learned much about options for protecting our products and various materials, for example.

Besides learning new things, Ruohola appreciates how Starcke does not only receive and produce orders but also cooperates with the customer in designing the packaging and developing it further.

– Perhaps the best thing has been noticing how Starcke constantly develops products and comes up with new ideas, instead of merely keeping the engine running with the customer’s money. They have valuable expertise and know-how that we don’t and offering it to customers is very fair. Starcke is like an extension of our own development team.

Designing a packaging is an important part of production

According to Starcke’s founders Ari-Veli Starcke and Milla-Riitta Reunanen, Starcke’s operating ideology has from the start included guidance and consultation for customers.

– We could just receive orders and send finished packaging out, but we don’t want to do that. It is important to us to be able to offer our decades’ worth of experience for customers’ benefit, says Reunanen.

We could just receive orders and send finished packaging out, but we don’t want to do that.

Starcke has long-lasting customer relationships, which itself shows customers’ satisfaction with the cooperation.

– We want to take part in designing the customer’s product packaging, because that way we can show what is possible and which solutions are more likely to work for a specific customer. I believe this genuine desire to help customers instils loyalty to us, Starcke summarizes. 

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