The Helsinki Distilling Company

Together from design to a finished product

The Helsinki Distilling Co

The Helsinki Distilling Company’s bottle cases were designed by Starcke. This cooperation is a great example of how working with Starcke means much more than just delivering goods.   

Cooperation between Starcke and The Helsinki Distilling Company began in 2017, when HDCO was looking for a suitable partner for manufacturing their product packaging.

– We first wanted a good-looking case for our whiskey bottle and ordered one from Starcke. Since then, we have derived different versions of that packaging for our various other products. Starcke also designed the gift packaging for our drinking glasses, says Kai Kilpinen, one of The Helsinki Distilling Company’s founders.

Starcke has expanded my understanding of what is even possible in packaging design.

HDCO’s bottle cases are made using foil finishes of various colours. Kilpinen recounts how cooperation with Starcke opened new horizons for the distillery’s staff.   

– Starcke has expanded my understanding of what is even possible in packaging design. I used to think foil only worked with gold and silver, but it can be used for all sorts of things!

The Helsinki Distilling Companyn pullokoteloissa on folioituja yksityiskohtia.
The Helsinki Distilling Company’s bottle cases feature foil details.
The Helsinki Distilling Co
HDCO considers it important to have all parts of their product to be consistent in quality.

More than a shipping service

Starcke has not only manufactured The Helsinki Distilling Company’s bottle cases but was also involved in their design since the beginning.

– Starcke is more than just a shipping service. Starcke is a partner with whom cooperation is always fruitful and pleasant in every way, Kilpinen stresses.

He says that Starcke’s consultational approach has brought plenty of added value to HDCO’s packaging design.

– We always discuss together about what we’re doing and what our options are. Starcke has been actively present throughout the design process. Our designers have also always had positive experiences working with Starcke. 

Starcke makes customers feel genuinely important.

The Helsinki Distilling Company’s production lots are fairly small. Kilpinen says how Starcke does not in fact require massive batches, but that small productions are equally doable. 

– I especially appreciate Starcke’s flexibility and focus on the customer. If, for example, the original design features an element that would significantly increase the packaging’s price, Starcke has suggested an alternative instead of simply thinking of the best price for them. Starcke makes customers feel genuinely important. 

In a premium product, each part must be of consistent quality.

The Helsinki Distilling Company has strict quality standards: each part of a product must be of equally high quality to reach the desired impression. Kilpinen ensures that he and everyone else at the distillery are very pleased with the quality of Starcke’s packaging.

– Starcke has always understood us and our idea of a premium product. There has been no need to educate them on what quality means to us.

Kilpinen also praises Starcke’s internal quality control.

– Every time there’s been an exception to quality, Starcke themselves have reported it to us and offered compensation. This is definitely a sign of desirable partnership.

Besides quality, HDCO considers easy recyclability of their bottle cases an important matter. 

– A packaging must represent a company’s values and brand in every way, Kilpinen summarizes.

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